Friday, November 23, 2012



  1. Hello, sorry if i disturbing you, but your works is really amazing. What do you use to create / pose naked model like that? I search everywhere but i don't find 3D software, if you can say me how doing that, thanks and have a nice day =)

    1. Hi, I use a program called DAZ and it is really fun and easy to work with. Thanks for your kind comment.

    2. thanks for your answer, forgive my english i'am french. I know "Daz Studio" but i haven't try it yet. And for the naked model, you find them on the web or you create them from A to Z ? You do a nice job, hope you will continue it, it's a real pleasure ;). Some picture make remember me the show TV Spartacus it's awesome ;)

    3. You are welcome. Your English is much better than my French! So no worries on your English. It is good! Go to the DAZ website and there you can get the basic human forms. Then you must buy the "skin" to put on it. There are many to choose from. Have fun mon ami.