Saturday, March 6, 2010


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  1. He doesn't give a fuck which of these titans he gets to fight. Both are worthy. Either one would be an honour to kill.

    He's already drunk with the excitement of the games. His sword has been sunk into the flexing muscular bodies of many other men in Gladiatorial Combat... and he knows he will likely be driving it to the hilt in another man's proud chest again today.

    He has the advantage, he knows... both of these powerhouses are tired... and although they are still dangerous, and certainly worthy adversaries, whichever of these men survives this duel will certainly be valliantly snuffed in the next. He can already taste the blood.

    In the meantime, he enjoys this fight to the death... wondering what his own killer will look like one day.

    OR could he be watching his own killer today?