Sunday, February 21, 2010


Some of my favorite models in Paris. Soft key lighting on the face and hard back lights that pick up the colors of the sky and street lights give the illusion of night. These were all created for a little film "The Art Of MSSF - Paris" that you can find on Youtube. 


  1. WoW !! These are Beauts, MSSF ! The Guy by the Fountain , though, is an Eye-Catcher !!
    Hot Dee-YAMMMM !!!

  2. I`ve been to Paris, and a lot of French men are HOT! Your models often have very strong profiles with prominant noses... and French men have that Roman profile. Damn, that's a very manly facial feature.

    But enough about noses! These new pics are fantastic. I, too, am a nipple man, and your guys always make me hungry to pec meat! GREAT!

  3. Thanks guys. I've been to Paris too and I know what you mean about those beautiful French men.